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Quotes are the most helpful way to get the right price for the right dumpster. All you have to do is fill out our handy form and we’ll let you know how much your order will cost. All we need is your name, email (for contact purposes only), city, county, size preference, and the type of debris you are throwing out. This information will allow us to generate an accurate quote for you so you can make an informed decision about where you will be getting your dumpster rental. (from Allentown Waste Management, we hope!)

Our Allentown Dumpster Rental Service Provides for All Your Needs

  • All dumpsters are provided with flat rates up to the stated weight limit
  • A full 10 day rental period for each dumpster rental
  • Extend your rental period for just $10 per each additional day
  • We’ll send you a dumpster within 1-2 business days of your order
  • Just give us a call, make the order and we’ll take it from there!

Grab a Quote, Get a Dumpster

Working with Allentown Waste Management is a breeze. We make the entire ordering process as easy as possible for you. All you have to do is call us at 484-840-5939 and we’ll get right down to brass tax. With every order, all we need is your name, delivery address, email, and credit card payment to reserve your dumpster. We’ll also ask for delivery instructions, especially if you are having your roll off dumpster delivered to your home in Ann Arbor. This way we know where to put it in your driveway/yard, and you know to move your car or any other potential obstacles ahead of time.

Once your order is placed, you’ll have your dumpster within 1-2 business days. Generally, orders placed earlier in the day will be serviced by the following business day. Orders received in the afternoon are completed the day after next. This is because our routes for the following day tend to fill up before the afternoon, but there is also a chance you’ll be bumped up in the schedule due to cancellations. In either case, our customer service team will let you know when to expect your dumpster, both at the time of order and if your delivery gets bumped up.

It’s important to remember that we cannot guarantee delivery by a particular time of day. If you call the day of your scheduled delivery our customer service team can provide an estimated time of arrival (i.e. early afternoon, mid-day, etc.), but bear in mind that our drivers are not allowed to use their cell phones while driving, barring real-time updates on your delivery.

So why wait to get your dumpster? You can get the ball rolling right now when you fill out the form below or call us at 484-840-5939. Our service representatives respond to all quote requests within 1-2 business days. Call today to get your dumpster delivered tomorrow!